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Who we are

Unique speaker bureau international has been operating since 2009 in Africa, USA, South east asia and Europe.

An Image of a Unique Speaker Bureau International Preferred Speaker performing a keynoteAn Image of a Unique Speaker Bureau International Preferred Speaker performing a keynoteAn Image of a Unique Speaker Bureau International Preferred Speaker performing a keynote
900+ Vetted Speakers
44+ Countries
7150+ Events
It is a hard-learned reality that the right speaker will provide the impetus for action, be the catalyst for change and a motivator for progress. With a unique understanding of the markets it serves, Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has developed the ability to creatively pair the right speakers with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives and keeping it within budget.
Unique Speaker Bureau International's (USBI) collaborative team of keynote speakers, MCs and program directors (facilitators) are carefully chosen according to their presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth and collaboration. Often the entire line-up of speakers is chosen from the USBI stable due to the cohesiveness of it's team.
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Our Mission.

We are much more focused on activity targets rather than revenue based targets. Chase excellence and success will follow!

Our vision.

To provide you with an experience , not  just a speaker!

Our values.

Accountable and responsible
Commitment and belief
Communication and connection
Problem solving techniques
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Behind USBI

Meet the team behind Unique speaker bureau.

Our global regions
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Peter Nyangabyaki
Peter Nyangabyaki
USBI East-West Africa
Regional Director

Peter Nyangabyaki is our East & West Africa Licensee, covering many countries across the region. Peter was born in Uganda, grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was schooled in Kenya and obtained a BCom Honours from New Delhi University in India.

With such rich experience across the African continent in his early life, Peter started his working career with setting up the Construction Review Offices (College Publishers) in Uganda, he moved to South Africa in 2000, where he launched Construction Review and other industry specific publications such as African Mining Brief in South Africa as well as across Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Rwanda.

In his role as CEO of College Publishers SA, Peter also worked closely with professional industry associations to drive the creation of forums for the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst industry players.  This led to him driving the conversion of the industry associations Annual General Meetings (in Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia and Rwanda) into actual conventions with fully fledged exhibitions.  He has also successfully partnered with ACE Events to form the Water Africa and East Africa Building and Construction Exhibition and Seminars (WAEABCES) in Rwanda.

Through his work across the continent, Peter has built extensive collaborative networks, providing reach into audiences in African countries, especially in the East & West Africa region.

As a USBI licensee in  his territory, Peter now offers Global Solutions to Local Problems.  Contact him for your Speaker requirements within the East – West Africa region.It gives us great pleasure to welcome Peter and his team to the Unique Speaker Bureau International family and we wish him all the best in his new venture with us.

Thuthu Klaas
Thuthu Klaas
USBI East-West Africa
Traffic Coordinator

Thuthu Klaas is a dedicated Traffic Coordinator at Unique Speaker Bureau International, specializing in the East and West Africa Region.

Hailing from South Africa, Thuthu's academic journey led her through the field of Accounting Sciences at the University of South Africa.

With a career spanning over a decade, she honed her expertise as a Traffic Controller, Accounts, and Administrative assistant at College Publishers.Thuthu's professional focus lies in overseeing the traffic and coordination of content for African Mining Brief and Construction Review magazines, both esteemed Pan African Publications.

Her commitment to her role ensures smooth operations and effective communication within the dynamic world of publications.

Jacqui Nyangabyaki
Jacqui Nyangabyaki
USBI East-West Africa
Sales & Marketing

Jacqui, a seasoned professional with a diverse background, specializes in Sales & Marketing.

Born in Uganda and raised in Ethiopia, Jacqui's educational journey led her to Kenya, where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Makerere University. Her quest for knowledge continued as she pursued an MBA from the Eastern & Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) in Tanzania.

Jacqui's extensive career has spanned managerial positions across three distinct industries—Health, Fintech, and Media—in countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and her native Uganda. With a rich and varied professional background, Jacqui is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of Sales & Marketing.

Currently, Jacqui focuses her expertise on Sales & Marketing in the East African region, covering key markets in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda as part of her role with the USBI (United Sales & Business Initiatives) team.

Kwame Anani-Korba
Kwame Anani-Korba
USBI East-West Africa
Sales Initiatives

Kwame Anani-Korba, a distinguished business development professional from Ghana, boasts a comprehensive and illustrious background.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the esteemed University of Ghana and furthered his education with an MBA in Finance from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Kwame has held various influential positions across a spectrum of industries, including Media, Construction, Sales and Marketing, and Academia.

Throughout his professional journey, Kwame has consistently demonstrated his exceptional expertise and adaptability, making substantial contributions to the growth of numerous ventures.

As the CEO of Korswell Consult, he has solidified the company's standing as a reputable representative for several international firms. Korswell Consult specializes in a wide array of services, encompassing lead facilitation, market profiling and introduction, business development, business registration and licensing, corporate introductions, trade promotions, B2B matching, market research, feasibility studies, marketing strategy development, and communication.

Kwame Anani-Korba's remarkable journey, spanning multiple industries and encompassing diverse roles, underscores his proficiency in propelling business advancement and fostering strategic collaborations.

He is responsible for USBI's promotional and sales initiatives in Ghana and Nigeria

Fuel your eventIgnite your eventaccelerate your event
Providing global solutions to local problems

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with our fuel, ignite, accelerate model

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Curiosity and excitement
Pre Conference Build up
How do we fuel your event?
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Our USBI Team works our Customers and Speakers, to set up Virtual Showcase Sessions in all regions. Bringing Global Speakers to Local Businesses.

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Assisting with coordinating In-Person Events, along with 5-Star Speakers in all Regions.

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Including Speaker Sourcing, as well as Invitation and Registration Process assistance. 

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Ignite connection and engagement
During the conference
How do we ignite your event?
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USBI works with you to Match PERFECTLY the Right Speaker to our Customer, their Conference, their Event.

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Through our Global Network, we are able to do this for all Virtual and In Person Events. 

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Always focusing on Igniting our Customer’s Message to their audience at their Conference. 

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Convert wisdom into impact
Post conference and into the future
How do we accelerate impact?

We offer our comprehensive services to all customers:

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Provide Interactive MC’s, along with Speakers

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Hosting Discussion Panels on Stage, talking to our Customer’s Messaging

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Providing Comedians and Entertainers from our network

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Continue messaging by providing ongoing MasterClasses & Training Sessions

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Sell in Speaker Publications and Books

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Create Brand Avatars with your Customer

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Provide Videography and Photo Booth Services

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