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Buhle Dlamini has risen and beaten the odds to become one of the top South Africans on the global stage today where he speaks to top companies and conferences around the world on the future of work, leadership, organizational culture and managing diversity. As a professional speaker Buhle always delivers a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile, and great content. He is as comfortable speaking to a group of top managers and CEO's in a virtual setting as he is speaking to teenagers in a school prize-giving. One of his most common accolades is that he is able to connect with anyone and make them feel like they've always known him. He has met iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, worked with youth in Germany, USA, and the UK and spoken to business audiences the world over. He holds a Fundamentals of Strategy Certificate from Harvard University in Massachusetts and is a fellow with the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, USA. Buhle is also the founding member and served as the project manager in the development of Heartlines and its 2006 Award-Winning 8 Films on Values for which he, alongside Garth Japhet (founder), received an award from Arch-Bishop (emeritus) Desmond Tutu. He is an author of six books in business and personal growth including his latest book "Unleashing Your Greatness" An award-winning entrepreneur who has founded and run multiple ventures including his consulting firm Young & Able which he ran for 14 years in South Africa, and his Canadian firm MindGro Consulting, as well co-founded social enterprises like and Columba Leadership.

• Enabling leaders to make the most of the diversity in ‘the new world of work’, creating effective, inclusive workplaces that result in exponential growth. • Unleashing Your Greatness • Healthy Hybrid Teams • Creating Inclusive Culture • Building Back Better AC / DC • Tomorrow’s world today • Mind the Gap

• Unleashing YourGreatness • Healthy Hybrid Teams • Creating Inclusive Culture • Building BackBetter AC / DC • Tomorrow’s world today • Mind the Gap

Winner of 2011 Future 100 Entrepreneur Platinum award and 2012 Endeavour entrepreneur award.
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