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David Murrin is a polymath known for his advisory content in Murrinations. His career has focused on the recurring patterns of history and using them to try and predict the future for markets and society in turbulent times. He has a remarkable track record. In his 2009 book Breaking The Code of History he predicted that the next great viral epidemic would originate from China and in relation to the current pandemic, that it is almost ‘impossible for people to compute the magnitude of the disaster we are about to experience’.

David’s advisory and speaking work today is based on his direct investment experience combined with a framework that can be used to explain and qualify decisions within an investment team, aid risk assessment, and reduce biases in collective investment decisions.

David Murrin began his unique career in the oil exploration business, before joining JP Morgan in New York on their internal MBA equivalent finance program in the 1980’s. Once back in the London, he traded FX, Bonds, equities and commodities on JPM’s first European Prop desk. In ’91, he founded and managed JPM’s highly successful European Market Analysis Group, developing new behavioural investment techniques which were utilised at the highest level of the bank.

In 1993 David founded Apollo Asset Management, and in 1997 co-founded Emergent Asset Management as CIO. His primary role was overseeing trading across all fund products, as well as being particularly active in the firm’s private equity business, He co-founded Emvest, Emergent’s African land fund in 2008 and acted as its Chairman until its sale from the group in 2011. In addition through Emergent’s Advisory Business, David was responsible for the critical fund raising for Heritage Oil allowing it to expand significantly by investing in its Uganda exploration program. He took full control of Emergent in 2011 combining his management of the Geomacro fund with the role of Chief Executive Officer.

I decode major historical events to forecast global change in today’s world. Helping you make more informed decisions that avoid repeating past destructive cycles. Together we can create positive actionable strategies for the future.

Murrinations: Mastering Risk Management in the face of an ever-changing world

•The changing face of risk management

•Systematic risk in the financial sector

•Developing a Mature Risk Mindset and mastering risk management

•Challenging modelling risk

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