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Derek is an accomplished executive trainer, coach, and facilitator who drives high performance for his clients. With a strong track record, he has supported numerous organizations and individuals in their journey to success. Drawing from his extensive experience, Derek has trained and collaborated with countless individuals and teams, empowering leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to unlock their full earning potential.

 Derek thrives on helping individuals bridge the gap between their current state and their desired outcomes, particularly in emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, and executive presence. As a multiple TEDx speaker, he captivates audiences with his insights and strategies. Recognized as a trusted voice, Derek's media contributions provide invaluable guidance on cultivating a lasting and positive image.

 Derek's impact extends to his role as a keynote speaker at prominent conferences, where he shares his expertise and thought-provoking insights. Additionally, he excels as a corporate host and moderator, effortlessly guiding discussions and engaging audiences. Derek's commitment to empowering individuals and organizations leaves an indelible mark on their growth journeys.

Personal Branding, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, Leadership

Personal Branding, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, Leadership

2x TEDx Speaker Actor on several TV Shows
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