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Dr. Christiaan had his successes in life. One time he worked and lived in New York for a few years. He produced several solo theatre shows there, of which the last one has a weekly run in an off-Broadway theater for 6 months.

Despite all that though, he had to go to 4 therapy sessions each week in order to cope with his sense of emptiness, feeling unfulfilled and utterly unhappy. Later he discovered that he had been suffering from a particular type of depression for 49 years. Overcoming such a condition, and reducing the self-sabotaging & self-harming tendencies that comes with it to the very minimum, has been a very tough, yet very rich and rewarding journey.

The good news is that over the course of these years he has bundled all the knowledge, insights, experiences, and the wealth of tips and tools he gathered along the way in a body of work he calls “The Art of Soulful SELF-leadership”. Thanks to what he had to go through he is now able to offer all that to those who have the desire to change that very thing they feel so unhappy about.

He now uses the work he does with unhappy rich clients to illustrate how to create change, change that is durable, sustainable, and long-lasting. In his signature talk Dr. Christiaan offers a few of the tools that anyone can use right away to change any situation they feel unhappy about. In order to facilitate that he uses a new sound healing technology he has developed called ‘UniSOUND healing’, giving the audience members a direct, LIVE, in-the-moment experience of how transformation happens and feels like.

Why is it likely that this will give results in areas where other types of methods have failed? It has to do with this famous quote from Albert Einstein: ‘We can never solve our problems with the same level of thinking with which we created it!’ The question is how much of this what he stated is really understood and how well, to which extend, this is actually being applied in daily life and work.

Dr. Christiaan not only offers the explanation what this means and what the implications are, he also shows and demonstrates how to work with it. The key element that is a crucial component that makes all this work is an aspect of ourselves that has been given names like our ‘essence’, our ‘true self’, our ‘Soul’.

Reading this word ‘Soul’ might come across for you as something that is pretty ‘Woowoo’, something far out, vague, and in that sense seemingly useless in how we live our lives and how to manage our business, company or organisation.

From his own experience, both in working with this aspect for himself, applying it in his own life and how he manages his business, and incorporating this aspect of himself in the work he does with his clients and what kind of results and benefits they get out of it, it has become clear that actually the opposite is true.

This aspect of you called Soul is something that can be applied in very practical ways. It is a part of you that can help you navigate in daily life situations - which includes helping you to manage your business or lead a company or organisation - and in learning how to work with it and to incorporate this into your daily routine, it can help you to get very concrete, down to earth results.

1. 30 Minutes Keynote without Audience Participation.

2. 60 Minutes Keynote with Active Audience Engagement and Q&A.

3. 90 Minutes Break-Out Session with Group Interaction, combined with LIVE Demonstrations working with Individual Audience Members and Q&A.

Transformation, Change, Vitality, Purpose, Passion, Well-Being, Happiness & Joy! "How to create change, change that sticks, change that is durable, sustainable, and long-lasting!" "How to turn any situation you feel unhappy about, into one that offers you (again) the fulfilment and joy!"

* Outstanding Leadership Award, International Education 2.0 Conference in Dubai, 2022 * The Most Entertaining Speaker Award, Ottawa Speaker Show Case 2023 * #1 International Best-Selling Author, “A Guide to Joyful Living for the Unhappy Rich 2023” * Featured as one of the 50 Top World Leaders in the “Who’s Who of the Industries” global magazine 2023 * North American Speaking Tour (Ottawa, Toronto, New York) 2023 * Solo Theater Show, Off-Broadway, New York, The Christiaan O Show 2007 * Acknowledged and rewarded with the "Honorary Doctoral Award" from the Azteca University, Chalco, Mexico 2023 * Creator of the "Art of Soulful SELF-leadership" method and a new sound healing technology entitled: "UniSOUND healing."
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