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Fahd Alhattab is an award-winning leadership speaker, coach, and consultant. Using humor, storytelling, and actionable advice, Fahd will inspire you to become a leader who builds high-performing teams that last. 

 Fahd’s path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he raised over $1M for local charities before the age of 20, founded a camp for underprivileged children, and was awarded Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award for his dedication to the community. 

In the pursuit of entrepreneurship, Fahd served two terms as President of Carleton University Students’ Association where he represented more than 25K students, managed a team of 150 staff, and oversaw the allocation of a $9M budget.

 Fahd launched a student entrepreneurship center that has since founded +50 student start-ups and raised more than +$300K in seed capital. This catapulted him to develop a mobile tech start-up where he raised funds  in a crowdfunding campaign.

 Built on thirteen years of experience building successful teams, Fahd identified the tried-and-true ingredient that set high-performing teams apart from competitors — they had leaders who prioritized team performance over individual success.

He named them Unicorn Leaders. Fahd defines unicorn leaders as the heroes within an organization. They have an innate ability to attract and retain top talent, engage a multi-generational workforce, and build high performing teams for extraordinary impact. 

 Delivered through captivating and actionable keynotes, Fahd now retrains managers to become architects of effective teams through his principle of Unicorn Leadership.

 Fahd has spoken to +100K people across North America on leadership and been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

 Working alongside his team at Unicorn Labs, Fahd is committed to giving start-up founders the leadership skills to build Unicorn companies. He delivers team-building retreats and customized training programs that upgrade staff and start-up managers into self-driven leaders.


-         Unlock Your Leaders’ Potential –Build a High-Performing Culture Through Team-Focused Leadership

-         Entrepreneurial Leadership - Building Disruptive Leaders that take Bold Action and Innovate.

-         Build Unstoppable Teams that Last –The Six Steps to Building a High Performing Team

-         Building the Greatest Place to Work with ‘One Question’ – Do you believe in the inherent goodness of people?

-         Redefining Leadership: Finding Your Leader from Within – The 6 Steps to Embodying a Leader’s Mindset

-         The Future of Work: Driving Community and Connection

-         Fail Forward: Reimagining Failure as a Catalyst for Personal Growth


*Depending on the size of the group, these keynotes can be provided as an interactive workshop. Prices will scale for larger groups.

-         Same as the On-site Programs, just adapted.

 *Depending on the size of the group, these keynotes can be provided as an interactive workshop. Prices will scale for larger groups.

- Canada’s Top 20 Under 20- United Way Community Builder Award - Impactful Social Entrepreneurship Award - Rising Star Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers - Most Entertaining Speaker by Lowell Speaker Competition
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