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Karl Lillrud, a powerhouse of innovation and digital commerce, is the speaker that leaves an indelible mark.

With accolades such as the Global Gurus TOP30 Motivational Speakers in 2023 and 2022, TOP 50 eCommerce expert, and a two-time TEDx speaker, Karl's expertise is unrivaled.

His journey began in Stockholm, culminating into a global expedition of knowledge sharing. Karl's engagements are not mere presentations; they are experiences that redefine perspectives on AI, digital commerce, and online growth. His client roster, featuring giants like Volvo and Spotify, is a testament to his impact. The essence of Karl's discourse is the fusion of tech-savvy insights with a profound understanding of consumer behavior, derived from 27 years of traversing the business landscape, from startup culture to the Fortune 500 realm. A best-selling author of 6 books, Karl's thought leadership extends beyond the stage. His literary contributions mirror the essence of his speeches—insightful, forward-thinking, and transformative. As a distinguished eCommerce influencer, his analyses on consumer behavior, online growth, and digital trends are revered in the industry. Karl’s philosophy is rooted in experimentation, a belief that propels organizations towards uncharted territories of growth.

His speeches are a voyage into the future of tech, retail, and digital landscapes, each narrative intricately designed to empower and inspire. The resonance of his message on AI and innovation echoes through the corridors of companies long after he has spoken. Each engagement with Karl is a step towards a future where technology and humanity coalesce to create unparalleled business landscapes. His speaking styles are as diverse as the topics he covers, adept in keynote presentations, workshops, and fireside chats.

Whether virtual or in-person, Karl's presence onstage is magnetic, his narratives are compelling, and his insights are game-changing. Being a judge on prestigious awards like the UK Digital Excellence award 2023 and Global Business Tech Award 2023, Karl's discernment in digital excellence is acknowledged globally. These positions amplify his understanding of the digital realm, enriching his speeches with a blend of expertise and recognition. Karl's life outside the stage is as vibrant as his presentations. Residing in Marbella, Spain, with his wife and daughter, he embodies a narrative of family, adventure, and continuous learning. His love for extreme sports and canine companions reflects his belief in a life led with zest and curiosity.

His notable awards, extensive experience, and a robust portfolio of satisfied clients make Karl Lillrud the speaker you didn't know you needed. His calendar, though bustling, has a spot for your event. Seize the opportunity to enrich your audience with a narrative that challenges the norm and unveils the horizon of endless possibilities in the digital world. Your search for a speaker who embodies expertise, dynamism, and a fresh perspective culminates here. Karl Lillrud is not just a speaker; he's a guide for your journey into what lies ahead in the world of AI and the digital domain.

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ON SITE PROGRAMS: AI Innovators Workshop: A hands-on program exploring AI's latest advancements and applications. Future-Ready Retail: Strategies for embracing digital commerce and customer-centric approaches. Growth Hacking Bootcamp: Tactics for rapid business expansion in the digital era. Mindful Leadership Retreat: Enhancing leadership skills with mindfulness and strategic thinking. Digital Transformation Sprint: Accelerated program for transitioning traditional operations to digital platforms. Customer Experience Masterclass: Designing and implementing exceptional customer journeys. E-Commerce Excellence Course: Boosting online sales and customer engagement. Tech Entrepreneurship Seminar: Insights into building and scaling tech startups. Data-Driven Decision Making Workshop: Leveraging data analytics for informed business strategies. Resilient Organization Program: Building resilience and adaptability in a fast-evolving business landscape.

Virtual AI Exploration: Delving into AI advancements and practical applications online. E-Commerce Success Webinar: Strategies for optimizing online retail operations. Digital Leadership Series: Virtual sessions on leading in the digital age. Online Growth Hacking Workshop: Techniques for boosting digital presence and conversions. Remote Innovation Lab: Collaborative virtual environment for brainstorming and problem-solving. Virtual Customer Centricity Clinic: Enhancing customer engagement in digital realms. Digital Marketing Mastery: Online program on leveraging digital channels for brand growth. Virtual Tech Startup Bootcamp: Guidance on launching and scaling tech startups remotely. Data Insight Webinar Series: Online sessions on data-driven decision making. Remote Resilience Workshop: Strategies for building resilient remote teams.

Global Gurus Top 30 Motivational Speakers 2023 / Jamie Turner: Top 100 Motivational Speakers / Global Gurus Top 30 Motivational Speakers 2022 / Top 30 Business Coaches In 2022 / Top 12 Ecommerce Influencers / World's Top 50 ecommerce experts / World's Top 30 ecommerce influencers / World's Top 50 eCommerce Speakers / Judge on UK Digital Excellence Award 2023 / Judge on Global Business Tech Award 2023 / Judge on Global Agency Award 2022 / Judge on Global Search Award 2022 / Judge on UK eCommerce Award 2022 / Judge on Global eCommerce Award 2021 / Judge on UK eCommerce Award 2021 / Two times TEDx Speaker / Google - Speak In Public - Diploma ISO 9002:2015 Certification Microsoft Teams Certified Zoom / Certified Harvard - Public Speaking - Diploma Member of the International Personal Development Association Featured in coaching tools article / Featured in top 30 business coaches article
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