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Kay McMahon is an LPGA Professional Hall of Famer and PGA Member, who established eduKaytion Golf- a company dedicated to quality and simplified instruction with her signature and trademarked Golf 8.5 - Simple Steps to a Classic Swing.

With over 30 years of experience, she is a well renowned teacher of teachers, author, sports journalist and an engaging and entertaining speaker. Kay brings her golf experiences to relatable life lessons and leadership skills. . .Golf 8.5 to Leadership 8.5 - Simple Steps.

1) Strictly Games & Energizers (Fun Team games only)

2) Team Building Activities (Golf Skills as Team-building exercises while learning Golf Skills)

3) Simply Golf 8.5 - Exclusively Golf Instruction Golf 8.5 to Leadership 8.5 - Simple Steps Be a Follower to Be a Leader

Simple Steps to a Classic Swing 5 week Master Class

Golf 8.5 - The Short Game 5 week Master Class

Evaluate & Elevate Your Game 5 week Master Class

Evaluate & Elevate Your Leadership

LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers- ELITE - 2018, 2020, 2022 Northeastern NY (NENY) PGA Section Teacher of the Year - 2022 (4 times) Former National President LPGA Professionals LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers 2018 International Network of Golf 2015 Player Development Winner Golf Digest 50 Best Women Teachers in America LPGA Ellen Griffin Rolex Award for Education LPGA National Teacher of the Year Fairways for Warriors Official Teacher Certification Lead President Women in the Golf Industry (current) Orlando Business TV - Sports Broadcaster
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