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For nearly two decades Keelan Leyser has been providing blue-chip companies worldwide with conference presentations that combine a potent blend of cutting-edge psychology, state of the art digital illusion, mentalism, corporate theatre and quick-witted humour to illustrate hard-hitting and practical strategies for business that will entrance your delegates and help to boost your bottom line. 

Keelan communicates personal and professional relevant insights that inform, involve, and inspire his audiences. Keelan is dedicated to delivering a bolt of practical inspiration that leaves a lasting impression on your delegates. He will take you far beyond "business as usual" with his confidence-inspiring and compelling presentations.

Keelan's entertaining and interactive style will help awaken each audience member to the power and promise of their true potential. But, most importantly, he will demonstrate how to access these inner resources to achieve more consistent success in reaching business and life goals.  In Keelan's client-acclaimed presentations, he peels back organizational and psychological layers to challenge the thinking habits that dictate our decision making and determine our potential.

These presentations are designed to engage the audience as active thinkers and doers – to get them fully immersed in the process of learning, self-questioning, and self-actualization – which will ultimately empower them to be able to Reimagine the Impossible.

Reimagine the Impossible - Enhance your business thinking by having the imagination of a magician.

The Magic of Innovation and Imagination: In Keelan's highly interactive presentations, he will show your delegates how they can unleash the power of their imagination and innovation by thinking like a magician. These powerful mental skills often get side-lined by over-dependence on data as a key business driver. Keelan will demonstrate how, by thinking like a magician, your delegates can enhance and accelerate their creativity, how they can become more3-D in their thinking, how to assess competing innovations given all there is at stake for getting it 'wrong'.

Trance-formations - Managing the Magic of Change: Past Successes, proven strategies, and information flows create patterns of thinking that can hypnotize a company into undervaluing or ignoring ground-breaking insights that go against current norms, group mindsets or interrupt planning schedules. Keelan discusses how by embracing change, you can turn negatives into positives. 

Smarter Thinking for Tougher Times: Never has the curse 'May you live in interesting times' seemed more appropriate than it does today. To continue to grow in a demanding global business environment, managers and marketers alike are aware of the imperative to think about the future and emerging opportunities and threats in new ways.

Keelan Leyser provides practical ways to rigorously enhance mental agility that delegates can use right away to improve their problem solving, motivation and aspiration during periods of industry or broader economic downturns and how to avoid data overload by learning to remember twice as much in half the time. Keelan's presentations aren't about rooting people to the tools, techniques, or quick-fix tips of one mindset; they are designed to get the audience to think differently and beyond their current perceptions - in complete alignment with your business aims and goals

Keelan's virtual entertainment show can run from 15 to 50 minutes in length. The show is extremely interactive in nature as Keelan tries to involve as many as the participants as possible. Spectators minds are read through the screen in truly impossible ways and of course he still includes elements of his signature digital magic to the mix!

British Magic Grand Prix Champion, British Champion of General Magic
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