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Our global challenge isn’t rebuilding trust —it’s removing distrust.

Imagine an eagle tied to a flock: To get it to fly, will you catapult it into the air, or untie it? Will both work? Which is easier? When we remove the heavy burden of distrust, our trusting nature reveals itself. The status quo shifts and humanity blossoms. We open up to the future. If we miss out on trust, we are bound to be disrupted.

Philipp Kristian D is a leading global voice on trust and an international trust keynote speaker. He inspires us to win with trust and the power of digital humanity. As a Visiting Professor and Executive Education faculty to top academic institutions, he delivers C-Level insight and thought leadership on trust issues and the need for digital humanity. 

Philipp is known as a next-generation, digital native trust expert who wrote The Trust Economy and RESET. His work advocates for greater trust and humanity in our digital future. It deeply explores the wild dance of digital humanity and future technology.

Philipp spent a decade evangelising innovation and transformation, building digital value propositions and teeing up start-up corporate partnerships for Fortune 500s in APAC. He advised Founder-CEOs of two major technology scale-ups (now unicorns) on upturning their industries with trust and digital humanity. His background is a mix of academic research, strategy and design thinking. 

Join some of the biggest, best, brightest and bravest names in business exploring trust and the power of digital humanity.

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Certified Speaking Professional (2022) TEDx P&G Singapore (2018) World Economic Forum U30 Global Shaper (2018) Kairos Society U26 Global Fellow (2016) St. Gallen Symposium U30 Knowledge Pool Member Leader of Tomorrow (2015)
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