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Rainer is an inspirational speaker, business sparring partner, extreme climber and author.

Rainer started climbing when he was a teenager. By the age of 19 he had already conquered the north face of Grandes Jorasses, one of the most difficult mountaineering challenges of the Alps.

As a professional mountain guide he led numerous clients through extremely difficult climbing routes in the Eastern and Western Alps.

In his keynote presentations, Rainer takes the audience up the 'north face of business'. He creates mental images that help people better manage challenges and inspires them to start right away.

Rainer has been helping companies define and implement challenging change programs since 1998. He also helps leadership teams develop the skills needed to manage this new environment. Rainer is the author of several books, with his first 'The Nordwand Principle' being a long seller since 2006. "Nordwand" is a symbol for big challenges with a high amount of uncertainty.

For many business leaders, their business 'north face' is successfully defining - and then implementing - a new business strategy. The challenges almost always involve people, team dynamics and team performance. Frequently a new mind-set is needed and sometimes a new organizational structure. Rainer adds value as a 'business sparring partner' - he challenges, cajoles, inspires and advises in equal measure.

Rainer holds a Master's degree in Organizational Development and since 2007 lectures in Leadership for the Executive MBA Program of the Danube University Krems.

The Nordwand-Principle: How to Manage Uncertainty

The Nordwand-Principle: How to Manage Uncertainty

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