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We live in a rapidly changing environment. This asks a lot of ourselves, our relationships and our connection to this environment. Rick specialises in helping to strengthen the relationships people have with their own values, the values of others and their environment. As the founder of Egostripping, he has already helped thousands of people to increase their personal power to strengthen relationships with others and their environment. The topics Rick focuses on are: (personal) leadership, cooperation, vitality and entrepreneurship. There are not many speakers who have such a unique approach as Rick. Most speakers prepare their story at home and then put the sheets in the right order. Do you recognise this? Rick has a VJ with him during his presentations who follows him through his story. If the audience needs more energy, Rick makes different choices regarding content and his approach than when he is in front of a very dynamic audience. The VJ hears his cues and then makes sure the right material appears on the screen. In determining his choices, Rick obviously keeps in mind the core message he has coordinated with his client. Because of his unique approach, each presentation is tailor made. In addition to being an inspirational speaker and author, Rick owns the Dutch training agency Egostrippen. In 2019, Rick bought a house in South Africa. His partner and he are truly touched by this special country. He would like to make his contribution here as well. In doing so, he will also keep stripping his own ego all the time. Precisely by looking at the same thing from different perspectives with his audience, he wants to keep enriching their worldview and his own.

Ego stripping or egostripping?

We all believe in our own reality. But is this also the reality? Or are you stuck in your own ego and therefore missing plenty of opportunities? Really get to know the drives and desires of yourself and others. Then a world of possibilities will open up for you. Your ego can limit you or give you wings. If you are not careful, you are constantly fishing for compliments. And you especially want to conform to the image others have of you. This is lost energy, because once the applause ends. And then what is left of you?


The importance of adequate sleep, regular exercise and healthy eating is well known to most people. What many people don't know is that your brain itself also needs regular maintenance. Did you know: Your brain is essential for your emotions, memory and awareness? You remember more and work more productively by training your brain? Your brain influences your blood pressure, feelings and behavior, among other things? Millions of global citizens are currently suffering from burnout. Do you overload your brain for years? Then at some point your brain can't take it anymore and something snaps. Let's all prevent this by giving our brains the attention they deserve.

How to take real responsibility? "How come they are so passive?"

As a manager, team leader or employee, this question undoubtedly burns on your lips on a regular basis. After all, how smooth and laborious collaboration can sometimes be. However, the answer to the question is less complicated than you think. After all, 'must' and taking personal responsibility are diametrically opposed. Every time you order someone to do something, you reject this person to take his or hers own initiative. After all, you breed docile sheep. Therefore, we should all be allowed to 'disobey' more often. By not forcing yourself and others into a straitjacket, but combining initiatives, you come up with unexpected and unique solutions. Not 'should and must' is central, but willpower. Step from obedience into responsibility! In this way you give more colour to your own life and that of others.

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