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Roshani Shenazz is an Internationally Eminent Spiritual Medium, Wellbeing Happiness, and D&I Coach, REIKI Master, Internationally Awarded Author of the Best Selling book Angels Speak &Speaker. She is an Accredited Holistic Therapist & Training Provider by PHM U.K. (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, U.K.) and the Founder of WHOLEistic Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. & Meher Roshani Foundation.

 Since 2010, Roshani Shenazz's Soul Therapy Guidance/Healing, and Corporate Wellness & Happiness Coaching work has impacted thousands globally, helping individuals and companies regain and restore high productivity and wellbeing through her Life Integration Programs, Webinars, Meditations, and Speaking events. Holding many International designations and Awards of honours, Transformation continues as Roshani empowering, enabling and inspiring souls globally.

 Roshani Shenazz through this decade-plus of enriching work, conducts corporate and institutional Group/Individual Programs, and Mentoring sessions on Wellbeing of Life, Leadership, Inclusiveness, Mindfulness, IQ EI EQ SQ synergy, Behaviour Reform, Wellness Meditations, D&I and Life Integration Programs. With Individuals, she conducts Soul Guidance/Energy Healing as a Healing Medium, Therapist, Counsellor, Coach and Mentor which has healed from physical, mental, and emotional to health, job, abundance, marriages, and all aspects of life.

 Keynote Speaker at – The UN XIVth CIF A International in France in 2016, The Vatican/ Webinar based on the Pope's latest encyclical in 2020, Golden Door Awards & Generative Dialogues Singapore, UN REX Karmaveer Awards, Mentor X Summit, Global Goals SDG Summit, World Spirituality Parliament Conference, Logy Talks Alternative Medicine Summit, Rotary Club, Unity in Diversity Programs - GDF Australia, Educational Institutes, Corporate and Worldwide Interfaith Programs/Conferences among many others.

Corporate Offsites / Forums / Leadership Programs –for Productivity through Wellbeing, Empathetic Leadership and other Wellness Programs

-         The WILL Forum Wellness Workshop at the Women in Leadership Retreat

-         In-house therapy sessions and Workshops, Meditations and Programs as Visiting Spiritual/Wellness Facilitator at Wellness Centres and Resorts in India, Dubai, Malaysia, Kuwait

Keynote Speaker assignments –

-         UN XIVth CIFA International, France 2016,

-         Rotary Club Keynote Speaker and many more

The Solidarity Program by the Archdiocese of Bombay, India and recurring Panelist / Chief Guest on other Interfaith Programs done by them, speaking on Harmony, Oneness of Humanity, Enhancing Human Potential, and Dialogue - the way forward for world peace

Keynote Speaker / Panel Head / Panel Speaker –

-         The Vatican/ Webinar based on the Pope's latest encyclical in2020,

-         GoldenDoor Awards & Generative Dialogues Singapore, (3Consecutive years and this year too)-

-         UN REX Karmaveer Awards/REX Speaker Bureau,

-         The MentorX Summit,

-         Global Goals SDG Summit by All Lives Do Exist Global PeaceMovement California, USA

-         Unity in Diversity, SDG Programs of Global DialogueFoundation-Australia, as Director India Chapter

-         World Spirituality Parliament Conference,

-         LogyTalks Alternative Medicine Summit,

-         Rotary Club Keynotes

-         Programs for Educational Institutes, Students/Faculty/Parents

-         Over 250 Live Sessions during Covid including a series“Wellbeing Wisdom with Celebrities and Influencers from my life journey”

Corporate and Worldwide InterfaithPrograms/Conferences among many others.

Recipient of Intl. Awards & Honours; like UN ICongo REX Karmaveer Puraskaar JYOTI Award, Women Leaders of Tomorrow, Women Achiever - 2016/17, Leadership Excellence Award at the World HRD & CSR Awards 2018, Intl. Author Award & Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer, also listed among the 99 Achievers of India 2021, 30 Shining Stars of the World 2022, 50 Most Fabulous Happiness Leaders at the World HRD Congress 2023, & BW Top 20 Most Influential Women Leaders in the Wellness Sector among many others. Designations of Honour: - Director for the Unity in Diversity India Chapter of the Global Dialogue Foundation, Australia; Co-Founder WIHUM (World Interfaith Harmony & Unity Mission), - Member of the Sexual Harassment at workplace Committee of the CGHS, Mumbai (Ministry of Family Govt. of India - Advisory Board Member of Sanghakaya (Buddhist) Foundation, - Ambassador & Executive Committee Member of the Golden Door Awards, Co-Chair Golden Door Forum Singapore, - Alumni Mentee – Cherie Blair Foundation - Resident Expert at the International Expert ChannelTV, and most recently - Global Peace Ambassador for #alllivesdoexist and #womenslivesdoexist USA, besides many other designations of honour.
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