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January 30, 2023

Are YOU ready for ChatGPT ?

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Are YOU ready for ChatGPT ?
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Are YOU ready for ChatGPT?

2023 bringsalong with it some exciting new content, exciting new messaging, exciting newways of working ….


The debate over whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon (or already) be able to create our best content has been a hot topic, within the Marketing, Networking, Collaborating and Technology industries for some time.


Used mainly to automate tasks and make them more efficient. The question is, can AI create the “best content” for our businesses, for our organisations?


Our (Initial) Answer

AI’s first and foremost use is to produce content quickly and efficiently.  It is still up to the human brain to create our own best content.


At Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI), we believe that Artificial Intelligence(AI), may indeed be a powerful tool for businesses, however it will never be able to create 100% on its own, one’s ultimately best content.


As The Greatest Unique Speaker Bureau International the world has ever seen, our USBI Team are here to work with our customers and partners, to Build Better Conferences. As we continue to Provide Global Solutions to Local Challenges!


The USBI Beehive

Our USBI Beehive,our Global Network, include Global Thought Leaders and Experts in:

  Global Forecasting


  Diversity and Inclusion

  Human Transformation

  Employee Engagement

  Building Strong Cultures

  Diversity and Inclusion

  Digital and Innovation Trends

  And More



We use our expertise to create unique and engaging content for our Customer’s Conferences and Events.


Our experienced team understands the global context and together within USBI, we continuously create (and recreate) content which resonates with audiences around the world.


In return, on its own, AI can probably understand a little more on Digital and Innovation Trends.  However, as a single, AI entity, it really would not understand:

  The nuances of Human Emotion

  Or the complexities of Communication

AI cannot comprehend Cultural and Political contexts

  It cannot create content which is truly meaningful and inspiring.



This is something we do with our as humans, within our own business, across our USBI, relationally focused Ethos.  Building direct communications amongst our people, our staff, our teams, our customers, our speakers, our licensees.  No individual AI program could possibly replace this.


However, AI can certainly be used to automate parts of these processes, and to create content quickly.  It just won’t ever create content as powerful as that which is created by real people. In real relationships.



Our Ethos won’t change

Here at Unique Speaker Bureau International, our people team has decades of experience in our network and in our Effective Partnership Building.  At USBI, we believe that the best content is created by real people.


Our 5-StarSpeakers work hard at creating their best content for their Keynotes, for their Masterclass Sessions, their Showcase Events. Maybe they too use AI and programs such as ChatGPT to do this.  Their personal touch though, their relating content to their audience, their ability to ”read the room” can only come from being real people, creating their own real and best content.



We too understand the importance of building tangible, personable, real life and  long-lasting relationships, as we create content which resonates with people.


Continuously understanding importance of connecting with audiences around the world and creating content to speak to THEIR needs.


AI can be a great tool for businesses, but it should never replace the human touch.


UniqueSpeaker Bureau International – Offering YOU an Experience, More Than Just aSpeaker!


Join ournetwork and let us ignite your business Globally

Unique Speaker Bureau International
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Unique Speaker Bureau International

Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has been operating since 2009 in Africa and Europe. We have developed a 5-star speaker model. That means that every speaker we recommend has reached our standards across 5 areas of professional competency to be at the top of their game. With a unique understanding of the markets it serves, Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has developed the ability to creatively pair the right speakers with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives and keeping it within budget. USBI’s collaborative team of keynote speakers, MC's and program directors (facilitators) are carefully chosen according to their presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth and collaboration.

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