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May 31, 2023

The importance of having the Right (the Best) Speakers at YOUR Conference

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The importance of having the Right (the Best)  Speakers at YOUR Conference
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When it comes to organising a successful conference or event, one which your audience will remember for time to come, one of the most important aspects to get 100% correct, is selecting THE RIGHT SPEAKER/S


A great Speaker will inspire, educate and entertain your audience.  Leaving a lasting impression and creating a positive experience for everyone.


The Speakers you choose will have a significant impact on the success of your Conference, your Event.  After all, they are responsible for delivering YOUR Conference Messaging, to your audience, ensuring they leave a lasting impression on your attendees for some time to come.


Finding the perfect Speaker for your next event or conference, can be challenging and this is where the world’s greatest Unique Speaker Bureau International will help!


Matching Speakers with our Customer Brief forms part of our Superpowers within our Diverse, Global Team at USBI.  This a critical process and very much a part of our Fuel, Ignite and Accelerate (FIA) model, here at Unique Speaker Bureau International.


Beginning in 2009, our USBI team learnt from the onset, how valuable it is to listen to our Customers, to understand our Speakers, and for our trained Team to embark on a well-researched, well thought-out Speaker Matching Process.



Here are some insights around how our USBI Team do this effectively, for our 5-Star Customers, all around the world -:

Ensure to understand our Customer’s Requirements

Before any of this process begins, it is key for us to know what our Customer’s Conferencing Requirements are

What are their key messages?

Who is the audience?

What will their expectations be?


Our promise to you

Let the magic begin at USBI, as we identify the skills and expertise required from our Beehive of Speakers, ensuring they are:




Available, and

Within Budget



Our Speaker Matching process is so important, a process which falls into our very own Fuel, Ignite, Accelerate (FIA) Model -:


Alignment of Conference Message (FUEL)

When you choose a Speaker for your conference, you want to make sure that their expertise and messaging capabilities align with your conference goals and objectives.


A Speaker who can talk to the key themes of your conference will add value to the event, providing attendees with insights and ideas which are relevant and valuable to them.


By matching Speakers to your conference message and brief, you also ensure the content is aligned with your business and event goals.


Engagement of Attendees (IGNITE)

A great Speaker is not only knowledgeable, but also engaging. They know all too well how to connect with an audience, keeping them interested and motivated throughout their presentation.


By matching Speakers to your conference message and brief, you ensure the Speaker’s style and personality will resonate with your audience.  This in turn, will increase their engagement and participation in the event.


Maximising Your ROI (ACCELERATE)

A successful conference is not just about providing great content.  It is also about maximising the return on investment for your business or organisation.


By choosing the right Speaker for your conference, you help to increase attendance, build brand recognition, and interest in being a part of what you are creating.


A Speaker who is aligned with your conference message and brief, will help to deliver on your goals.


Our network offers access to Trainers, Master Classes, Brand Strategy Growth, Publications and so much more, to prolong your messaging, build your team culture and create excitement for more.


Having THE RIGHT SPEAKER/S at your conference is crucial for its success. At Unique Speaker Bureau International, we understand this and have a proven process for matching Speakers with our Customer’s briefs.


By doing so, we help our5-Star Customers create memorable and impactful events, which leave a lasting impression on the audience for a long time to come!

Unique Speaker Bureau International
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Unique Speaker Bureau International

Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has been operating since 2009 in Africa and Europe. We have developed a 5-star speaker model. That means that every speaker we recommend has reached our standards across 5 areas of professional competency to be at the top of their game. With a unique understanding of the markets it serves, Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has developed the ability to creatively pair the right speakers with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives and keeping it within budget. USBI’s collaborative team of keynote speakers, MC's and program directors (facilitators) are carefully chosen according to their presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth and collaboration.

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