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September 14, 2022


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Unique Speaker Bureau (SA) has more than 13 years’ experience within the Speaker World.


We are now Global, #USBGoesGlobal,and are on a mission to accelerate brilliant solutions for the biggest corporate challenges of our century, along with some of The Best 5-StarSpeakers, 5-Star Customers and 5-Star Licensees, from around the world.


USBI Goes Global!

#USBGoesGlobal, now offering you the Unique opportunity to join an International Bureau, at a Local Level. Through collective collaboration, we are now able to offer global solutions to local challenges.


What an exhilarating year we have had, culminating in the brilliant Unique Speaker Bureau International team launching globally in Johannesburg, July 2022.

Taking any company international is a mammoth task. USB took this on and achieved their International status with vigour, having reinvented themselves and their offering in March 2020.


As the C-19 Pandemic hit the world that year, live conferences and events were halted overnight. Some quick thinking, some clever, survival thinking, was required to keep companies going during this time.


That is exactly what the Unique Speaker Bureau team did. Offering an overnight solution to their Customers and their Speakers. Virtual was the way to go, and it took off immediately!


The world has changed over the last 2 years, no doubt about that.  Through the tech put into online, it is now smaller, more accessible, and most definitely, more exciting.  This also allowed USB to continue operating and in fact, because of their persistence to find Global Solutions to Local Problems, they grew exponentially.


Being hungry for outside interaction, their customers and their companies needed to keep their staff and teams motivated through the presence of motivational, online conferencing.  Businesses were redefined and business itself had to keep going.

We're flourishing

Operating in a virtual world allowed the USB team to source more International presence, always connecting their Customers with Speakers.  Always networking, always collaborating, building their 5-Star Model as they went along.


In-person events opened up again in 2022and as USB became more global, they recognised there would be a shift to hybrid conferencing, hybrid eventing. Continuing to build a 5-Star networking beehive going forward, only now on an international level.


Sourcing Licensees in countries around the world has opened up USBI’s access to 5-Star Customers and also to top class,5-Star Speakers.


Collaborating across the various elements of their 5-Star Beehive, supporting their new USBI Licensees with Blueprints and in depth communications templates, Unique Speaker Bureau International is most definitely at the top of their methodology.


Fuelling Events, Igniting Customers, Speakers, Licensees and Partners, as well as Accelerating their growth globally, is what USBI do best!


At their USBI Global Launch event on Monday25July 2022, everyone involved “Showed Up”.  In person and online, everybody was dressed to impress, all were motivated to network, to mingle with a 5-Star level of localand international Customers, Speakers and Licensees.

The day was full of interaction, across a Social Wall, immersive Speaker presentations, networking Globally with International Licensees coming on board to show off their new global presence to everyone around.


Unique Speaker Bureau International have developed a unique 5-Star Model and their Blueprints have now been launched, shared with the world.



Offering you an experience, more than just a speaker  


Your gateway through us, allows you to access Global Speakers and Global Content across not only Southern Africa, but also Australia, the US Eastern Seaboard, Canada, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, East & West Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, and more


Join our Network and let us Ignite your business Globally


For anyone who would like to become a USBI Licensee across the globe, please let us know :

Unique Speaker Bureau International
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Unique Speaker Bureau International

Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has been operating since 2009 in Africa and Europe. We have developed a 5-star speaker model. That means that every speaker we recommend has reached our standards across 5 areas of professional competency to be at the top of their game. With a unique understanding of the markets it serves, Unique Speaker Bureau International (USBI) has developed the ability to creatively pair the right speakers with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives and keeping it within budget. USBI’s collaborative team of keynote speakers, MC's and program directors (facilitators) are carefully chosen according to their presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth and collaboration.

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